This website is maintained by Alan Taylor and Aysen K. Taylor.  We want to inform the public about the risks associated with the current mandated vaccine protocol.  We believe this protocol to be critically flawed and implicated in many health problems in children.  A partial list includes Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) , Autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder,  Asperger's Syndrome,  Asthma, and Diabetes.   The science involved in these diseases is complex and not fully understood.  We believe their cause is multi factorial and involves more then vaccines but vaccines are paramount as they are much easier to control then the other factors; namely, genetic vuneralbility and environmental toxins.  The billions of dollars spent as a result of forced vaccinations (and treating the diseases they cause) has clouded the judgments of regulators, public health departments, and state governments.  Conflicts of interest abound.  Pharmacutcal companies have conditioned us to not ask why we are sick but to tell our doctors what pills we need. All this has given us the most unhealthy generation of children in decades.  Parents are rarely told what their options are.   They are more likely to be bullied by health care providers and schools if they question the "gospel" about vaccinations.   Are all the current vaccinations necessary?   How can vaccination programs be modified to minimize the risks?  How are vaccines made?  What do they contain?  How can vaccines compromise the immune system?  What rights do parents have after their child is harmed by vaccines?  Unfortunately, there is a virtual media blackout on these topics.  Look inside this website to start to find the answers.   We do not dispense medical advice.  We do implore all parents and parents-to-be to do their own research on this subject and decide what is best for their children.  This website exists to help in that search.